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"Swashbuckling Never Looked So Good"


When daggers are pointed at innocent hearts
And muskets are ready to fire
When tyrants ride high and govern with fear
As the forces of evil conspire
Then from out of the night a hero must rise
With courage that even a mask won't disguise
They turn to . . . the man called Zorro
One who's larger than life and defender of all
Is this man who the people acclaim
He's the one who strikes back for the poor and oppressed
A hero . . . whose name is Zorro
His name is Zorro

Theme Music by Jay Asher          Lyrics by Dennis Spiegel

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Zorro on rearing horse
Family Channel Zorro Commercial

Remember the good old days?  Those wonderful days years ago when we could watch Zorro on the Family Channel as often as 5 to 6 days per week.  We can't bring those days back, but we can savor the memories.

Family Channel Zorro Commercial

This site pays tribute to the 1990-1993 Zorro television series which was produced by New World International in conjunction with the Family Channel.  I only needed to watch a few episodes of this series to become completely enthralled.  Something about this series captured my imagination like no other television show ever has or ever will.  I think the main reason this is such a great series is the cast.  Duncan Regehr is a fabulous Zorro, and Patrice Martinez is just perfect as the love interest.  James Victor as Sgt. Mendoza is quite lovable, and both Alcalde Ramone and Alcalde DeSoto are bad guys that one can't help liking in spite of their faults.  Juan Diego Botto is quite endearing as Felipe.  Both Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. and Henry Darrow played Don Alejandro well, but I will confess that I love Henry Darrow's character the best of the two due to his charismatic personality.

My goal with this site is to make it the premier site for information about the New World Zorro television series and to comprehensively cover all aspects of the series.  I have amassed quite a collection of photos and memorabilia associated with this series, and photos from every single episode of the series are featured on this site.  Additional features include a complete guest star index, cast biographies, character biographies, cast and crew interviews, and much, much more.  Enjoy!

Duncan Regehr as Diego de la Vega Duncan Regehr
Don Diego de la Vega and Zorro

Don Diego is an educated man, well versed in the arts and sciences.  He conceals his identity as Zorro.  He uses his knowledge and fighting skills to defend the poor and helpless.

Read Duncan Regehr's Biography

Read Diego's Biography

Duncan Regehr as Zorro
Patrice Martinez
Victoria Escalante

Victoria is the owner of the inn.  She is in love with Zorro.  Zorro takes care of her and helps her when she is in trouble.  She considers Don Diego as only a friend.

Read Patrice Martinez's Biography        Read Victoria's Biography

Patrice Martinez as Victoria Escalante
James Victor
Sgt. Jaime Mendoza

The Sergeant works for the Alcalde.  He is the source of comic relief with his incompetence and tomfoolery.

Read James Victor's Biography        Read Sgt. Mendoza's Biography

James Victor as Sgt. Mendoza
Michael Tylo
Alcalde Luis Ramon

The Mayor of the town:   He is a tyrannical manipulator and is always after Zorro.  He hopes to capture Zorro in order to secure a transfer to a better military garrison.

Read Michael Tylo's Biography        Read Ramone's Biography

Michael Tylo as Alcalde Ramone
John Hertzler
Alcalde Ignacio De Soto

The Mayor of the town:  He is obsessed with gaining money and prestige and doesn't care when his schemes harm other people.  He hopes to capture Zorro and return to Spain as a hero.

Read John Hertzler's Biography        Read De Soto's Biography

John Hertzler as Alcalde De Soto
Juan Diego Botto

Zorro's helper and friend:  He is a young mute boy filled with courage and always prepared to help Zorro.  Felipe is the only one who knows Zorro's true identity, and Diego is the only one who knows that Felipe can hear.

Read Juan Diego Botto's Biography        Read Felipe's Biography

Juan Diego Botto as Felipe
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Don Alejandro de la Vega (1990)

Zorro's father:  The father and son have moved beyond a typical relationship to become best friends.  Even Don Alejandro does not know his son's secret.

Read Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.'s Biography        Read Don Alejandro's Biography

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as Don Alejandro
Henry Darrow
Don Alejandro de la Vega (1990-1993)

Zorro's father:  Although father and son are best friends, Diego's behavior sometimes upsets his father.  Unaware of the truth, Alejandro wishes his son were more like Zorro.

Read Henry Darrow's Biography        Read Don Alejandro's Biography

Henry Darrow as Don Alejandro

Zorro's horse:  Toronado is not an ordinary horse; he seems to know exactly what Zorro is thinking and knows when Zorro is in danger.  He has saved Zorro's life many times.

Read Toronado's Biography

Zorro on Toronado

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"Fate is in the hands of those who make things happen."

Don Alejandro, from the episode "Ghost Story"

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